Software Products & Solutions

Software Products /Solutions

PruTech’s software products are geared toward serving customers looking for a “plug and play” solution for their business needs. With the experience and knowledge gained through IT consulting over the years, our technology teams have developed software products that help our customers gain a competitive advantage quickly and efficiently.

1. Big Data Solutions and Frameworks
Enterprise 360 

The proposed solution E360 is conceived, designed in order to enable the enterprise to see all of its data in one spot and be able to tie different pieces together to generate not only smart dashboards for proactive decision making but ultimately to generate insights and alerts to the all employees based on their roles.

The Enterprise 360 solution framework is a cloud and big data based solution based on Hadoop ecosystem which will gather all data from different data points of the enterprise such as HR, Projects, Accounting, Payroll, Emails, Taxes, Forms, Documents and other non structured data such as location in-out data for employees, Audio/Video etc. The solution will be delivered via the mobile devices first and then on web.

 PruTech will be offering the solution mainly to small and medium size enterprises. 

New Financial Derivatives Product Discovery using Big Data
PruTech is currently working with a large bank to help them come up with innovative products analyzing and building new statistical models on huge amount of market data. The size of data is making it impossible for the bank to process and do analysis on it using the legacy relational database technologies.
Sensing this, PruTech aims to not only help bank achieve its goals but take this further and convert this use case into a data platform that could be used by any size of company without worrying about buying, downloading-uploading data to their servers, maintain it. The platform will become a cost effective solutions to try out new statistical models quickly without spending money on data, servers and administration. This could be particularly lucrative for start ups whether every dollar spent needs to be carefully thought.
2. Justice Provider System (JPS)
 Justice Provider System (JPS) is envisioned as a platform to provide consolidated information from various criminal justice and court administration systems about all defendants for its processing to reduce crime, reduce arrests and unnecessary incarceration, and promote fairness. This system supports various programs that Government of various states and cities offer like Alternative to Detention (ATD) and Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) programs in New York. JPS as a platform for critical defendant information sharing will allow for improved enrollment and participation, while enhancing tracking, monitoring, and reporting of rehabilitation programs. 
JPS platform to meet the following business needs:  
  • Providing the details of the ATD/ATI programs from various providers including the location and seats availability with timelines
  • Details of defendants from various criminal justice and court systems
  • Matching defendants with ATD/ATI programs that are available
  • Enrolling and tracking the progress of defendants in a program
  • Measuring the performance of the programs
  • Data storage for cataloguing ATD/ATI program providers and their specific programs, including nonprofits, state and federal agencies, and other agencies 

3Financial Risk management and Regulatory Compliance products:

Our products and solutions, which help clients to better manage risk, encompass the full spectrum of Financial Risk Management and Compliance products and consistently meet evolving compliance demands such as Basel III and the Dodd-Frank Act.

 Credit Risk Management System(CRMS):

Managing credit exposure for the clients and counterparties becomes a critical part of the overall risk management for any financial institution. Credit Risk becomes a critical part of the purposes of exposure calculation and aggregation, credit limit approval and management, and credit exposure reporting.The Credit Risk Management System (CRMS) will perform these functions for Corporate Investment Banking and certain Capital Management trading exposures (primarily for counterparty risk), and country risk across any financial organization.

 Customer Risk Tolerance Reporting System (CRTRS):

The purpose of this system is to assess the customer overall risk exposure, including personal bank loans, mortgages, home equity lines, credit cards, and other short term borrowings from all sources. This overall risk exposure gives financial institutions the ability to assess whether the banks can lend money to the customer without compromising the customer’s ability to pay back.

 Legal Practice Management System:

The purpose of this system is to use technology to improve the productivity of teams within legal offices at private and government agencies. Our solution provides litigation support workflow, legal document production, case calendaring, and reporting functions. The case types supported by the solution include landlord tenant, child support litigation, family law, estates cases, liens/recovery litigation, and Medicaid fraud abuse litigation.

 Contract Management System:

The purpose of this system is to provide a framework for the initiation and administration of contracts within government’s contract departments. Our solution provides contract workflow, assignment and tracking, online solicitations, RFP/Bids/Award document generation, and reporting/management dashboards functionality. The solution covers services, goods/maintenance, and administrative purchase contract types.

 This system is also focuses on post-award contract lifecycle management, and the design is capable of:

 * Contract Lifecycle Management

* Task Order Lifecycle Management

* Deliverables Tracking & Reports

* Resource Allocations, Time, & Charge Tracking

* Invoice Processing

* Travel, Material & ODC spend tracking

* Agency Financial System Interface & Integration

* Customized Reporting & Dashboards

Case Management System:

The purpose of this system is to provide social enterprise management for agencies administering welfare services. It provides electronic forms in multiple languages, document scanning/image management, case interview/intake process, and interfaces with legacy applications. The solution applies to public assistance, child care, Medicaid, and food stamp program administration.